This part of the homepage is still under construction. Apart from the webshop here, Kellermanns transcriptions are published exclusively by 80 days Publishing. The following titles are currently available:

F. Kreisler - Alt Wiener Tanzweisen - Liebesleid, Liebesfreud, Schön Rosmarin (Violin and Guitar)
B. Bartok - Rumanian folk dances (Violin and Guitar)
F. Schubert - Sonata in A major (V
iolin and Guitar)
F. Liszt - Romance Oublieé (Viola and Guitar)
A. Dvorak - Song my mother taught me, Humoresque (Violin and Guitar)

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Below follows a list of arrangements of various Chamber Music with guitar that was made by Jacob Kellermann and that are not yet published. If you are interested in obtaining a specific score from the list, please send a mail to info@jacobkellermann.com

J. Achron - Stempenyu suite (Violin and Guitar)
B. Britten - Lachrymae (Viola and Guitar - with kind permission of Boosey and Hawkes)
C. Debussy - Sonata (Flute, Viola and Guitar)
M. de Falla - Pantomime, Danza ritual del fuego (Flute, Viola and Guitar)
M. de Falla - Suite from Noches en los jardines de España (Viola and Guitar - made with Göran Fröst)
G. Gershwin - Three preludes (Violin and Guitar)
G. Mahler - Various songs for medium Voice and Guitar - Ablösung Im Sommer, Rheinlegendchen, Wer hat die Leidlein erdacht, wo die schönen Trompeten blasen, Serenade
M. Ravel - Deux Mélodies hébraïques (Medium Voice and Guitar)
M. Ravel - Sonatine (Flute, Viola and Guitar - orig. Piano solo)
P. Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen (Violin and Guitar)
R. Schumann - Abendlied (Violin/Viola and Guitar)
E. Sjögren - 2 Songs - Ro, ro min ögonsten, I Drömmen är du mig nära (Medium Voice and Guitar)